Aldi Piles Up the 4K HDR TVs for £359

By Gary Cutlack on at

Aldi is to help upgrade the TV and gaming setups of the country tomorrow, when it starts taking orders for a 4K HDR TV on a vast 55-inch scale for just £359. Plus delivery, as it's an online-only deal and you couldn't get it home on the bus without scuffing it or having it stolen off you anyway.

The Medion-badged TV is one of the proper smart ones too, with integrated Wi-Fi for accessing the Freeview Play catch-up service and the pre-loaded Netflix and Amazon Prime apps. It has a web browser as well, although smartphones have made looking at the internet on your telly a bit redundant. The remote control is a nice full size unit too, not your usual cheap telly credit card job.

It'd definitely do for most mainstream uses, although reviews for a previous model Aldi sold earlier in the year were slightly patchy, as you might expect of a rebadged AV product of vague manufacturer provenance. [Aldi]