Anti-Headache Machine Launches on NHS Prescriptions

By Gary Cutlack on at

The tech dudes have made a product that people actually need for once, with pain relief device GammaCore doing such a great job of beating extreme headaches that it's to join the NHS's arsenal of health gadgetry available on prescription.

The unit is designed to be held against the neck where it administers a small electric charge to disrupt signals travelling through a nerve, ending the pain caused by the worst headaches that don't respond to traditional painkillers.

It's quite a big move for NHS admins, as the GammaCore device costs very nearly £3,000 if you're looking to buy one privately. But it works, users say, particularly for people who suffer from cluster headaches, a type of crippling headache that's another step up in misery level from the migraine. [The Times]