Apparently Samsung Won't Release the Galaxy Fold in June Either

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Galaxy Fold has not had a great debut. For those of you who've been living under a rock, the phone was supposed to start shipping in the US at the end of April but got postponed after review models started malfunctioning. Evidently the phone's design allowed debris under the screen which caused a lot of issues, and led to Samsung putting the Galaxy Fold on hold while it fixed the problem. It was never clear when the phone would arrive, but now a report claims the phone won't start shipping during June.

According to a report from Korean site Yonhap News, Samsung's goal had been to get the phone out into the world sometime in June. But this doesn't seem to be happening because it's decided it needs more time to make sure everything is up to scratch. One source told the site that the process of fixing the issue is taking longer than anticipated, presumably because Samsung wants to get it right and not have to deal with things breaking en masse after giving the all clear.

Interestingly another source claims that Huawei's ongoing issues, which are the result of sanctions from US tweeter-in-chief Donald Trump, are giving Samsung some breathing room. The Mate X was expected to arrive sometime this summer, perhaps as early as June, but with everything that's going on it seems things might not go according to plan. The source claims that because Samsung doesn't feel as though it's under pressure to beat Huawei to market, it can take more time to sort out the Galaxy Fold's issues.

Earlier this month Samsung said it would likely decide on a new Galaxy Fold release date quite quickly, though we haven't heard anything since then. While the company seems to have figured out the root cause of the issues, the fact that it's only been a few weeks since they were first reported doesn't feel like enough time has passed for them to be fixed properly. According a statement given to Yunhap News, however, the company claims that it hasn't decided on a new release schedule.

In other words, it's going to be a while. How long is anyone's guess. At least it gives you time to save up the £1,800 you need to pay for it. [Yonhap News via SamMobile]