Author Finds Elephant Man's Grave

By Gary Cutlack on at

The grave of Joseph Merrick, unfortunately referred to by the cruel newsprint trolls of the day as the Elephant Man, has been found.

At least, it sort of has. Being such an unusual physical specimen, Merrick's skeleton was saved and preserved by the Royal London Hospital when he passed away, where it remains to this day, despite calls to have the poor man's bones buried once and for all.

This grave that's been found contains the "soft tissue" of the man, so, without being overly graphic, it's where the non-bone stuff was put once they'd sliced it all off his interesting skeleton. Life was one indignity after the next for poor Joseph, wasn't it?

Author Jo Vigor-Mungovin tracked the fleshy remnants of Merrick to the City of London Cemetery, by analysing records of the time of his death. So he was never really that lost, it was just that no one has bothered looking particularly hard before. [BBC]