The Best Cases for the OnePlus 7 Pro

By Holly Brockwell on at

You've just bought the OnePlus 7 Pro (hopefully from one of our excellent deals) and you've already tried lifting a dog with the selfie camera. Now what? Time to protect your investment, that's what.

Here are the very best cases for the OnePlus 7 Pro available in the UK.

The best official cases for the OnePlus 7 Pro

Well, we had to start here. OnePlus makes its own cases for the 7 Pro, and they're pretty good.

OnePlus 7 Pro Protective Case

This is the sleeker, more slimline option of the two OnePlus cases, and it costs £34.95. In classic old-school OnePlus fashion, it's available in Karbon and Sandstone, and the latter is just as rough and fingernail-scrapey as the back of the very first OnePlus One all those years ago. [Buy it here]

OnePlus 7 Pro Bumper Case

This one's the more protective of the two OnePlus-made options, with shock-resistant bumpers arranged around the edges. It's a little more expensive at £39.95, and comes in a choice of Karbon or Nylon, the latter of which has a lovely tactile fabric texture that we really like. [Buy it here]

The best third-party cases for the OnePlus 7 Pro

Chances are you've already had a look at OnePlus offers, and you want to know what else is decent without looking on every website ever. Well, what are your humble servants at Giz UK for? Browsing so you don't have to, that's what.

Ringke Fusion X OnePlus 7 Pro Case

You might not know the name, but Ringke have been making quality Android cases for yonks now: their Fusion line has been one of our top case choices since at least the Nexus 4.

For the OnePlus 7 Pro, the Fusion X has several points in its favour: it looks really cool with its armour-like reinforcement, it's available in both black and a really badass red, and the transparent back means you can still see whichever colour of the 7 Pro you went for.

It's a good compromise between shock-absorbent protection and good looks, and it's only £8.99. [Buy it here]

Otterbox Symmetry

As ever with this brand, Otterbox's case provides good protection, but the Symmetry -- currently the only Otterbox case for the 7 Pro in the UK -- is a little slimmer and less comprehensive than some of the company's other designs. That said, it's an attractive clear case that allows you to see the beautiful phone underneath, and there's a raised bumper edge to protect the screen from drops. It's pricey though: £29.99. [Buy it here]

Spigen Rugged Armour Case

Spigen is another name you can usually rely on when it comes to phone cases, and the version of the Rugged Armour they've made for the OnePlus 7 Pro is a safe choice. It's not the most beautiful, but it's relatively slim, includes protective air cushions to save your phone from harm, and the flexible back is fingerprint resistant. You will of course lose the design of the phone itself, since it's opaque -- there are no colour options either. But if you like black and want something that looks and is tough, this is a good choice. [Buy it here]

UAG Plasma Series

Looking like the door to a bank vault, this is definitely a case for the more safety-conscious OnePlus owner. UAG's cases are well-known for providing strong protection, and this one offers a hard outer "armour shell" with an impact-resistant soft core. It's light-ish but has big buttons for easy pressing, and you can still use NFC while it's on. [Buy it here]

Tech21 Evo Check

Another reliable name on the case market, Tech21 is currently only offering one option for the OnePlus 7 Pro: the Evo Check. With chunky sides and a cute dot pattern on the back, it offers drop protection and -- weirdly -- is antimicrobial. Yay hygiene! [Buy it here]

Poetic Affinity

This one makes your phone look absolutely badass. It offers impressive safety with bumpers, buffers, drop protection and raised areas to shield the screen. Annoyingly it's currently only available via Poetic's website, but they do ship internationally, and we'd expect it to turn up on Amazon UK soon alongside Poetic's other OnePlus cases. [Buy it here]

Olixar NovaShield Bumper Case

Olixar make quite a few good cases for the OnePlus 7 Pro, but we particularly like this one for its air-cushioned bumper design and transparent back, showing off the gorgeous phone you paid all those pounds for. [Buy it here]

Check out the tyre-like ArmourDillo, snap-on ExoShield and slick Carbon Fibre cases from the same brand before you order, though.

Tudia Merge

With a tactile rubberised gel finish, raised edges and both hard and soft layers, this case is a little chunky but offers good all-round protection for your beloved handset. It's great value at £10.99 and comes in some snazzy colours including blue (above) and rose gold, as well as the more obvious black and grey. [Buy it here]

Dbrand Grip

Dbrand has a long association with OnePlus, and is one of the case manufacturers the company's superfans seem to prefer. The Grip case is smart and strong, with shock-absorbing impact protection, extra-clicky buttons, and as the name suggests, great grip.

But the best bit about Dbrand cases is the customisation: there's a huge range of press-on skins for the Grip case, including various wood and metal effects, stone, about a billion colours of carbon fibre pattern (one of which is the main image for this article), a gorgeous honeycomb design and even red or black dragon scale.

Prices are in dollars by default but they do ship to the UK, and it's free over $30 (about £24). The case is $29.95 so you're pretty much obliged to choose a $9.95 skin to get you over the threshold. Oh well. [Buy it here]

Any great cases we've missed, or that you're waiting for? Let us know in the comments -- we're all friends here.

Main image: Dbrand