Buying a OnePlus 7 Pro? Here are All the Best UK Deals (Updated)

By Tom Pritchard on at

Today is the day that the OnePlus 7 Pro arrives into the world, assuming you weren't one of the many people who queued up outside the London pop-up last Friday. Obviously if you're planning on picking one up (and why wouldn't you?), and not waiting for the significantly cheaper OnePlus 7, then you're going to want to shop around for the best deals. Fortunately we did most of the hard work for you, looking at all the retailers and networks and seeing what's on offer.

There's not a lot of choice this time around, but you do have three different options to choose from. Sadly only one of those options is a phone network that lets you split the cost of the handset more easily.

The OnePlus store is the obvious place to go for a SIM free OnePlus 7 Pro, and it just happens to be the place where you can get the phone and a whole bunch of accessories. Fancy a case? Grab one of the bundles. Fancy the new Bullets Wireless 2? Slap them in the basket and have them delivered together. You could even get one of the OnePlus backpacks to carry it all around in, just in case you have an aversion to pockets.

The 7 Pro starts off at £649 for the model with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, while £699 will get you 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage. But if that pitiful amount of RAM isn't enough, £799 gets you the 12GB model with the same 256GB of storage.

The only downside is that free shipping takes a while, and if you want the phone faster you have to cough up £8 to get it within three days. Sales open at 10am BST.

John Lewis (& Partners, lest the PR people start pestering me to use the 'proper' name) was the location of the London pop-up event, so it's natural it would also be selling the OnePlus 7 Pro. Unfortunately it's only the one model right now, with 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage that costs £699. Thankfully the retailer is selling both colours (Nebula Blue and Mirror Grey) while also offering a two year guarantee at no extra cost. Of course not being a network means you get an unlocked device, and since John Lewis is everywhere you don't necessarily have to wait at home all day for it to be delivered.


This is the first time Three has decided to sell the OnePlus 7 Pro, which is nice because it means you can get one with unlimited data this time around. The downside is that Three only has the 6GB model at the time of writing, which means you can't enjoy the extra memory afforded by the other variants.

The network offers the phone off contract for £659 (£649 for the phone and £10 top-up), though you're probably here looking for the contracts. After all you can't get unlimited data anywhere but Virgin Mobile, and last time we checked they weren't selling any OnePlus devices.

All the plans come with unlimited calls and texts, and require a £29 upfront payment. The cheapest is £43 a month for 4GB of data, followed by £46 a month for 12GB, £49 a month for 30GB, and finally unlimited data for £51 a month. All nice and easy, really.

Three offers a lot of perks too, and beyond being one of the few UK networks to offer unlimited data.  There's Go Binge, which lets you use several different services without using up your data allowance - not that it matters if you have unlimited data anyway. Netflix, Deezer, and Snapchat were all mentioned in the press release I was sent, but they're certainly not the only ones included.

Three is also mentioning Go Roam, which lets you use your regular data allowances in a number of countries outside the EU, but most networks offer services like that. I only mention Go Roam because it's related to Three's partnerships with easyJet, that let passengers get a bunch of extra perks when they're travelling out of the UK. Three also wants you to use the Wuntu discount app, which is like O2's Priority Moments, netting you money off offers and free stuff if you happen to be in the right shop at the right time.

EE is one of two networks carrying the OnePlus 7 Pro, but the downside is that it only has the 5G version in stock. In other words you're going to be paying more for the phone, and more for the fancy networks, with no 4G-only phones available. Not unless you want to buy a OnePlus 6T, that is.

Now the question is whether you want 5G, or if you're willing to buy a 5G phone and stick to 4G networks. As it turns out EE is selling a number of plans that are 4G-only, which lets customers pay less up front when they're signing up for the deal. These range from £50 a month (£70 upfront with 10GB data) to £74 a month (£10 upfront with 100GB of data). So you are saving a small wad of cash this way, though not a huge amount. But it doesn't make much sense to buy a 5G phone, with 5G hardware, and not enjoy 5G. So let's get into those.

5G plans start at £59 a month, with £170 upfront, which gets you unlimited calls, texts, 10GB of data, and one swappable benefit. The priciest is £79 a month, with £10 upfront, which nets you 120GB of data and three swappable perks - plus the usual unlimited calls and texts. All the other deals are somewhere in the middle, with varying amounts of data and number of swappable benefits. They all have unlimited calls and texts, though, as any good phone contract does.

Now in the past EE was never big on lots of perks, instead offering people subscriptions to partnering services like Apple Music and BT Sport - the length of which depended on how much you were paying. But now there are swappable benefits that lets you pick and choose from four passes: the Music Pass, Video Pass, Roam Further, and HDR BT Sport. Music and Video passes let you use services like Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, BT Sport, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, TV Player, and MTV Play without using up any data. Roam Further lets you use your allowances in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia without racking up extra charges, while HDR BT Sport is exactly what it sounds like.

Everyone who gets a OnePlus 7 Pro 5G contract gets at least one swappable perk slot, which they can swap out on a month by month basis, though you do have the option of paying for others on a month-by-month basis if you feel like it. The 5G smart plans also come with the option to upgrade anytime after your first 15 days, should you decide you actually want a Galaxy S10 5G instead.

The Rest

So that's three retailers, one of which is somewhat amusingly called Three. What about the rest? Well we don't know. I've reached out to everyone that stocked the OnePlus 6T at launch, because none of them had any deals available on their respective websites. Which was weird, to say the least. Here's what we know so far:

O2: Despite maintaining OnePlus network exclusivity for many years, O2 has confirmed to me via email that it has no plans to stock the OnePlus 7 Pro. Or at least that was the case last Friday.

Amazon: Nothing on Amazon has appeared at the time of writing, and I have emailed to see if there are any plans for the phone to arrive.

Vodafone: No word from Vodafone either, and I will update if they respond to my emails with any sort of confirmation. Despite its 5G service arriving in early July, Vodafone probably won't surprise people with the 5G 7 Pro. It's called an EE exclusive for a reason, after all.

Carphone Warehouse: Same again really, though if Three is the only network to stock the OnePlus 7 Pro it makes sense that it would be absent from Carphone Warehouse. After all Three famously ditched the retailer several years ago, and if nobody else will be stocking it then Carphone isn't likely to either.