Breville Thinks its Job is to Revolutionise in the Augmented Reality Space

By Gary Cutlack on at

Oh no, some poor people at Breville have thought really hard for ages and invested numerous hours and lots of money into an augmented reality app, in the hope that the company's share of toaster sales may slightly increase as a result. It's quite a gamble.

It is as bad as it sounds, as Breville and AR partner Inhaabit think we can't simply imagine what a toaster might look like on a kitchen surface. We are so dumbed down as a species that confirmation of what a toaster would look like there, or perhaps there nearer the kettle, is required before purchasing. Here is how Breville very seriously explains the issue of not being able to imagine a toaster:

"Customers can now see the accurate sizing of selected products in 3D, and in their desired location in their home. The days of trying to picture how your appliances would fit on your tiny NY apartment kitchen counter or blend with your kitchen décor, are over."

If these words are all too hard for you to imagine as well, there's a video of the Breville AR app in action, revealing that it also works with blenders, coffee machines, microwaves and more:

Tell you what they ought to sort out – getting the slots tall enough for long bread. How much energy would it save if we didn't have to put tall bread through the toaster twice? Anyone in Scotland will know the tedious double-dip required to get Scotch Plain a uniform brown. We'd write about that and take it seriously.