Brian May Wants a 'Live Aid' for Climate Change

By Gary Cutlack on at

Queen's Brian May is getting his hair in a twist about climate change, and is suggesting that what we really need to get the urgency of the situation into the public consciousness is a massive pop concert akin to the Live Aids of old. Phil Collins is out of retirement, so it is possible.

May says the younger generation should "take that bull by the horns" when it comes to grappling with the issues of climate change, but he'd be happy to get the Queen lads out on stage to offer their support should anyone be up for the administrative headache that is getting all of today's pop star on stage in one place at the same time without Concorde to make it easier.

Brian seems to be dispirited and pouring cold water on his own idea at the same time, though, as he's not entirely sure a few greatest hits sets might beat down the cynicism of 20XX life, as he added: "People have seen so many concerts since Live Aid purporting to be solving the problems of the world so it's not quite as easy as it seems." [Mirror]