BT Ups its Gigabit Connection Targets

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT's latest financial announcement includes some bullish comments by the company's new CEO, who says that, governmental assistance provided, the company could connect 15 million homes and businesses by 2025.

The previous ambition was to have 10 million premises on the super-fastest of luxury connections by then, with new boss Philip Jansen saying: "Today we are announcing an increased target to pass 4m premises with ultrafast FTTP technology by 2020/21, up from 3m, and an ambition to pass 15 million premises by the mid-2020s, up from 10 million, if the conditions are right, especially the regulatory and policy enablers."

Presumably that's also if the public appears fine with paying the extra cost of having an FTTP gigabit connection, as we're all blown away by existing connections in the tens and hundreds of megabits at the moment.

Openreach's Clive Selley says he needs to first see "...the certainty of a regulatory framework which encourages investment in the long-term" from the government too, to make it actually financially viable to get his vans out doing all the necessary digging and ducting. [ISP Review]