Buy the OnePlus 7 Pro Early at One of OnePlus's Pop-ups

By Tom Pritchard on at

For the past couple of phone launches OnePlus has decided it will reward fans who queue up for ages. Those people that risk the possibility of poor weather were rewarded with the opportunity to buy the latest OnePlus handset before they go on general sale. Those past events have obviously been such huge successes that OnePlus is doing it again on 17th May for the OnePlus 7 Pro.

The press release only mentions the OnePlus 7 Pro, and not the regular OnePlus 7. So if you want one of those you'll probably have to wait for general release, or hope there's news of another pop-up appearing somewhere else.

As ever the pop-ups will be opening up all over the world (in 30 different locations this time round), but the only one in the UK will be at John Lewis on Oxford Street in London. Doors open at 12pm, though if past experience tells me anything it's that the queue will already be enormous then. I wouldn't recommend camping out in the streets of London if you can help it, but obviously the earlier you get there the better your chances of getting a OnePlus 7 Pro before they run out of stock.

You'll also get to hang our on John Lewis's 'Roof Fest', which is the fancy name they gave to a hipstery green area someone built on their roof. As ever there will also be food and drink, the chance to by exclusive gear, and competitions for people standing in the queue. Also some YouTuber will be there.

Other pop-up locations in Europe include Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Toulouse, Nates, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Tampere, Rome, Rotterdam, Helsinkin, Raisio, Oulu, Kuopio, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Stockholm, and Oslo. There are also several events in the US, India, and China if you suddenly find yourself in a different country and want to spend your holiday in a queue that doesn't end in a rollercoaster.

The OnePlus launch event is set to take place on 14th May, and you can read more about the pop-ups on the OnePlus website.