Cat Food Gave Pets and Owners Bovine TB

By Gary Cutlack on at

Around 50 pet cats and two of their human keepers were infected with bovine tuberculosis late last year, prompting a recall of one particular brand of supposedly healthy "natural" cat food.

The juicy meaty chunks in question were provided by Natural Instinct, which claims to make healthier animal feeds free from too much mechanical interference. In this case, though, the raw wild venison chunks used in one particular gourmet product were found to be carrying bovine tuberculosis, which, despite a recall, went on to trigger a spate of vet appointments across England when cats started displaying symptoms.

Two owners might want to examine their in-home hygiene routines in the future too, as they also managed to pick up the disease from handling their beloved little animals' food trays. Professor Danielle Gunn-Moore from the University of Edinburgh's vet studies department said: "We found circumstantial evidence that these cases of TB in cats were linked to a particular brand of raw food diet. Not all animals that are infected with the bacteria will develop disease but we would encourage owners with concerns about their pets to get them checked by their local vet." [University of Edinburgh via Independent]