Celebrate 'National Streaming Day' With £15 off the Roku Streaming Stick+

By Tom Pritchard on at

These days it seems as though every day is some sort of special day, thanks to marketing departments and advertisers deciding this is the new best way to try and sell things. Today that day is apparently 'National Streaming Day', which means absolutely nothing to most of the population, but for us it means there is some money to be saved on streaming hardware. Specifically streaming hardware made by Roku, who have a vested interest in making people buy its products.

Even though 'National Streaming Day' sounds completely stupid, saving £15 on the Roku Streaming Stick+ isn't a bad consequence. After all while Google and Amazon spat and keep trying to pull services from their competitor's hardware, Roku seems to have just about everything. And they have a 4K stick that doesn't try and force you to sign up for Prime Video and other Amazon services every time you turn on the TV.

The deal is available from today until the end of June from various retailers, but Amazon happens to have knocked an extra fiver off Roku's original deal. So instead of paying £60, you end up paying £45. Naturally if 4K isn't your thing, or you just want something cheaper, the Roku Express has also had some money knocked off in celebration of this fake holiday. Only this time the discount is only £5, meaning you pay £25 instead of £30.

Here are the rest of today's deals for you to peruse:

Finally, now Game of Thrones has come to an end, new customers can watch all eight seasons at a discount with Now TV's latest offer. For £18 you can get three months access to entire Entertainment Pass catalogue, which includes every adventure from the world of Ice and Fire. For those of you too lazy to do maths, that works out at £6 a month and saves you around 25% off the original price. Just make sure to cancel if you don't want to be automatically billed £8 a month after those three months are over.

Oh and don't forget you only have until midnight to try your luck at getting a Pixel 3a with a 99% discount from Argos