Coventry Pothole Can't Shaft Residents Thanks to One Giant Prick

By Shabana Arif on at

If the council isn't going to give a fuck about the potholes, then someone else will. And that someone is decorating them with giant, spurting cocks.

In a bold move, reminiscent of 2015's Wanksy, a Coventry resident (presumably) has adorned a rather sizeable pothole on Brade Drive with a dick and hairy balls, and helpfully highlighted the point where the pothole tapers off by spritzing it with a bit of ejaculate.

The penis first reared its head on May 6, but was rubbed off the following day. It made a cumback on May 8, and the council has since promised to fill in the pothole but has neglected to provide a date for the planned works.

"The council was contacted two years ago about this and they have done nothing about it," a local resident told the Coventry Telegraph.

"It is terrible. It is the whole length of the road – at least a quarter of a mile."

Coventry City Council has the country's longest response time for filling in serious potholes, according to the RAC Foundation who conducted research earlier this year.

"We appreciate that sometimes residents may not feel we have responded as quickly as they would like, but in general we fix up to five times the number of potholes that are reported to us," said a spokesman for the council.

"We have no comment on the artwork produced and would strongly advise against doing so on the local roads as it is very dangerous, and puts residents and drivers at risk."

He added that a team is on site to burn the dick off the road. Ouch.