Cow-Slaughter Game Removed From Bristol Museum

By Gary Cutlack on at

A museum in Bristol has temporarily suspend access to one of its interactive exhibits, with the fun-for-all-ages touchscreen game Beat Bovine Tuberculosis cordoned off and powered down thanks to a public complaint.

The game's been happily installed in the We The Curious science museum since 2014, so who knows how many children have passed through its halls and spent a minute or two learning about how to effectively slaughter possibly diseased cows. It's obviously meant to be serious and obviously not supposed to be fun and obviously not like the slaughter scenes from Apocalypse Now, with the original concept behind the piece being to show the difficulties faced by farmers in controlling bovine TB in their flocks, or herds, or schools, or whatever a group of more than one cow is called.

Sadly someone has complained in 2019, though, with visitor Lizzie Salter writing to the museum to say: "I don't think an interactive game where you win by culling an animal is particularly tasteful. It's actually quite a serious thing not only for a farmer who would be losing lots of money but from an ethical point of view where animals would be losing their lives."

The museum sort of agreed in the way you have to when someone complains nowadays even if you don't really agree, and explained: "Following recent internal reviews and visitor feedback, we feel that the exhibit does not satisfactorily present clarity of evidence nor do justice to the complexity of the debate." [WTC via BBC]