Crossrail Delays Blamed on Tunnels Being Hard

By Gary Cutlack on at

Crossrail's chief exec is starting the excuse-making process with regards to the rail project's string of delays, and this latest explanation covers why the Bond Street stop and interchange is running an entire year behind the development other stops.

It's the tunnelling. The hard part. The dirty part. It ruined the timeline for Bond Street, with the dig somehow managing to run a whole year late. The process floundered as long ago as 2014, when the bulk of the time was lost, with Crossrail's Mark Wild saying the mess down there requires a lot of additional sorting before anyone can juggle a wheelie suitcase and a coffee and a phone on its platforms.

He added: "The top priority at Bond Street is to get the subterranean areas in a position they can support the train rather than everybody waiting to get the train going because Bond Street isn’t quite ready and that’s why an intervention is needed at Bond Street."

Crossrail or that other name they gave it should be complete by March 2021, apart from Bond Street. Contractors Costain and Skanska are having to get the pickaxes out again. [NCE]