Dan Harmon Is Working on Rick & Morty With a Table Full of Terrible Ideas

By Julie Muncy on at

To be a writer you need one thing, and one thing only: Post-It notes. And Dan Harmon? He’s got a lot of Post-It notes.

Taking to Instagram, Dan Harmon posted a picture from the Rick & Morty writer’s room, where the creators are hard at work on the massive slate of new episodes ordered by Cartoon Network. In the picture, Harmon is standing over a meeting table filled with Post-It notes, each containing ideas for the series which, Harmon says, are from writer Rob Schrab.

“The amount of season 5 ideas Rob Schrab can come up with in a day is just awe inspiring,” Harmon wrote, “from a certain distance at which I should have stayed.”

Instagram:Dan Harmon

And they are, certainly , some ideas. No one can argue these are not ideas. In his post, Harmon highlights a few of his favourites, including “Planet powered by chips and salsa” and “when-wolf”. Personally, I’m a fan of Wesley Sniper and “Rick discovers the 11th Commandment".

Tip of the hat to Collider for transcribing a list of the ones I can’t quite make out. The fourth season of Rick & Morty comes to TV this November.

Featured image: Cartoon Network