Deliveroo is Doing a Willy Wonka and Hiding Five Golden Eggs in its Takeaways

By Shabana Arif on at

Finding foreign objects buried in your food order isn't something we're usually that excited about, but in this instance, it'll net you £5,000 – and not because you're settling out of court for finding yet another toe nail clipping on your pizza.

To celebrate the end of Game of Thrones – which given the hot takes we've been frantically trying to avoid seeing today, is actually a good thing – Deliveroo has hidden five golden dragon eggs in unsuspecting customers' orders. While the eggs themselves are worthless, unless you can hoodwink someone on eBay into forking out a pile of cash for it, each one will bestow £5,000 of Deliveroo credit on whoever finds it.

"We know our customers are huge fans of the show, every Monday throughout the season orders have been soaring higher than Drogon," said Deliveroo's Joe Groves (via Metro). "We wanted to soften the blow that the series is coming to an end and what better way to do it than with a huge loot of Deliveroo credit. There are five chances to win one of our golden scaley creations."

The promotion kicked off on May 16 and wraps up today, which is the deadline for claiming your prize. So if you're settling in to watch the show tonight, get your orders in.

Feature image credit: Deliveroo