Detective Pikachu 'Leaks' On YouTube, Seemingly Thanks to Ryan Reynolds

By Tom Pritchard on at

Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to the world of leaking, or so people suspect. Someone leaked that Deadpool test footage, and to this day nobody has come forward to accept responsibility. Well there's another leak of sorts happening right now, and at first glance it appears to be a full copy of Detective Pikachu that someone uploaded to YouTube. A copy that has Reynolds' name watermarked onto it, suggesting that it was his personal copy of the film.

Some rascal called Inspector Pikachu seems to have uploaded the entire film, though you know you want to start watching to see if this is actually legit.

But of course it wasn't the real film. Clearly Warner Bros learned something from Deadpool's social media-focused marketing camp, and decided to try that out for itself. Which is why we end up with a looped video of Detective Pikachu dancing to '80s synth music for nearly two hours. Still the motion capture work is pretty impressive, especially with those all those expressions. The video really shows off how fluffy the movie Pikachu seems to be, which is obviously one of the most appealing parts of the film.

Whoever came up with this idea deserves a pay rise.