Don't Put the Crossrail Stamp on Anything Urgent

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal Mail has launched a series of stamps celebrating the best of British engineering over the last 50 years, including, what probably seemed like a good idea six months ago, one celebrating Crossrail.

You know, the delayed, over budget, bailed-out underground line, that the signs say should be called the Elizabeth Line. Or at least the stamp celebrates the tunnelling efforts involved in getting it across London, which admittedly must've been quite hard what with all the plague pits they had to get through.

Other stamps in the British engineering series include one about the three-way catalytic converter, which did so much to end climate change [citation needed], and Scotland is given a nod too thanks to its Falkirk Wheel – a moving platform that helps barge nutters have terribly cold holidays on the water, holidays that have led to the irreconcilable end of numerous relationships.

For some reason a super special one celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Hawker Siddeley Harrier Jump Jet – a proper, liberating innovation masterpiece --  has been saved for selling promotional packages in miniature form. [Royal Mail]