Europe's Competition Police to Examine Spotify/Apple Fight

By Gary Cutlack on at

Spotify's complaint against Apple appears to be being taken seriously within the corridors of the European Commission, with the Financial Times saying the EC is about to launch a full competition inquiry over the music streamer's claim that Apple is restricting the business opportunities of its rivals.

An antitrust investigation could start this month, sources say, with the EU's competition-enablers set to rule on whether Apple really is restricting the operations of third-parties to stop them ably competing with its in-house Apple Music product. Like we don't already know the answer to that.

Spotify complained back in March that Apple's rules "...purposely limit choice and stifle innovation" in the online music streaming wars, warning that it is "...acting as both a player and referee to deliberately disadvantage other app developers." [FT via TechCrunch]