Even the OnePlus 7 Pro's Packaging is Leaking

By David Bash on at

A new leak has revealed two accessories that supposedly come bundled with the OnePlus 7 Pro.

A tweet from tech YouTuber Linus Tech Tips (since deleted) shared images of what is thought to be the Pro's packaging, branding and accessories.

Image: Ishan Agarwal (twitter)

Nice enough. But the exciting part, as always, is what's inside the box.

If the leaked images are accurate, the OnePlus 7 Pro bundle contains new Bullets Wireless 2 earphones, and a WarpCharge 30 car charger.

We sort of knew this was coming. The terribly named Bullets Wireless 2 follow on from the equally terribly named Bullets Wireless earphones that were bundled in with some OnePlus 6 offers. Aside from that, we won't know a fat lot about the new model of earphones until May 14th.

OnePlus released the WarpCharge 30 charging technology last year. It is capable of giving a whole day's power after just 20 minutes of charging (the 30 in the name refers to wattage, not charge time). Presumably, the bundled car charger version will do just that, except in your motor.

As mentioned, we won't know the accuracy of the leak until launch. This could all be for a fancypants press pack for all we know, and that's if it's even real at all. Time will tell.

Featured image: Ishan Agarwal (Twitter)