Facebook's Portal Smart Display Arrives in Europe this Autumn

By Tom Pritchard on at

Facebook does not have a good track record with maintaining user privacy, and that's putting it lightly. But still it decided it would be a great idea to release a camera-equipped smart display for people to stick in their homes. You can't really blame them for trying I suppose, but you can blame the people who went out and bought one of the things for themselves. Apparently the Portal device has been quite popular, and so Facebook has announced it'll be coming to Europe this Autumn.

Portal and the larger, more expensive Portal+ were released in the US last October, with no word on whether they'd ever make it to the UK. A bunch of people won't have cared, because Facebook, but after a year-long delay it seems we'll be getting the chance to buy the Portal for ourselves. Yay?

Right now this is just about all we know. There's no word on pricing or more general availability, so we're going to have to wait. Us Giz UK staffers are just buzzing with anticipation apathy at the prospect of getting one of these for ourselves. But at least Facebook is using the opportunity to expand Portal's capabilities. It's getting support for WhatsApp calling, better Alexa skill integration, Amazon Prime Video support, and the option to send pictures to Instagram straight from the device.

A morning briefing is coming too, though the specifics aren't too clear. It's not clear whether this means news, a run down of what happened on your news feed overnight, or what. Hopefully the briefing won't try to explain all the racist memes that are constantly being posted by that one person you know who peaked at 15 and never did anything with their life. You know the type, the ones who get really upset when you unfriend them, because Facebook is serious business. [Facebook]