Festivals Demand an End to Single-Use Tents

By Gary Cutlack on at

There is, believe it or not, an organisation known as the Association of Independent Festivals, which coordinates the activities of around 60 of the UK's many summertime outside-a-thons. And it has declared war on the wasteful shame that is binning perfectly good tents after just one or two nights of use.

The AIF is appealing to the likes of Argos and the big supermarkets to stop pitching tents as being particularly disposable and therefore ideal "festival tents" for one-nighters, as around 250,000 of them are abandoned at festival sites each year once they've been used and abused for a weekend of highs, lows and inevitable massive regrets. Multiply that by the average weight of a small tent and you get 875 tonnes of plastic and assorted other bits of waste being binned each year.

AIF's boss Paul Reed said: "The message here is not 'buy a more expensive tent' – festival audiences can take positive action and reduce their carbon footprint simply by taking their tent home and reusing it, ensuring that it doesn’t become a single-use item this summer." [AIF via Sky News]

Image credit: Unsplash