Former MI6 Boss Says Huawei Should Not be Trusted With the UK's Comms

By Gary Cutlack on at

Today, a different group of people have uploaded their opinions on whether or not Chinese tech giant Huawei should be trusted with our mobile networks and data connections, and the decision from this latest bit of thinking is... Bad Huawei. No Huawei. Get down Huawei.

This is a fairly important personal opinion that has some significant weight behind it, being as one of today's opinion-havers is Sir Richard Dearlove, a former head of UK intelligence agency MI6. So he ought to know a potentially dodgy state-backed espionage scheme when he sees one. Dearlove's words came in the form of a foreword to a research paper on Huawei from the Henry Jackson Society, which was also quite harsh in its description of the Chinese firm's potential for being pressured into miscellaneous bad things by its political overseers back home.

While noting there's been no proven case of Huawei handing over data, Dearlove thinks it's a risk too big to take, and would like a future government to reconsider allowing the Chinese firm in on the 5G build. Dearlove said: "...we must conclude the engagement of Huawei presents a potential security risk to the UK," and although there is still the possibility of mitigating that risk, the former MI6 man believes that China's "remotely aggressive intelligence gathering operations" are a threat to be taken seriously. [HJS via Guardian]