Funny Twitter Person Blags Job With The Man

By Gary Cutlack on at

Someone who did a good tweet has won the modern internet lottery. We're not talking about a Christmas book deal, a retweet off Armando Iannucci or being blocked by Graham Linehan; the doer of the winning tweet is going to work with tech primadonna Elon Musk, manning the carmaker's social media accounts.

The doer of the tweet is Adam Koszary, who sent the titanic message about the B&W sheep being an absolute unit. This apocalyptic bit of internet-breaking work on behalf of the Museum of English Rural Life won worldwide acclaim, for a day or two last year, and was seen and enjoyed by sporadic tweeter Elon Musk himself, who briefly had the sheep as his profile photo and enjoyed a bit of sheep/unit banter himself. Before sensible business people told him it made him look a bit mad.

Musk liked it so much he has done the modern equivalent of buying Adam, and has given him a job doing more of the same but about absolute electrical units now. Koszary sent out a boring tweet on the matter, saying he'll start managing Tesla's social accounts from July. Which is perhaps why Tesla's tweets have been noticeably more bonkers than usual over the past fortnight – has Adam perhaps been doing a little probationary period to see if he can handle the stresses of putting out content to Tesla's 3.76m obsessive Musk fans? [Twitter via Guardian]