Gentrified Spice Girls Bus Hits Airbnb

By Gary Cutlack on at

The current owner of the Spice Bus, as featured in baffling 90s film Spice World, has given it a modern refit, filled it up with soft furnishings that have flags on and say "Girl Power" everywhere, and is about to put it on Airbnb for fans to live out their wildest Spice Girls fantasies in. Well, their second or third wildest Spice Girls fantasies at least.

It would appear to be launching in marketing stunt guise initially, as the owner is parking it in Wembley during a film festival for one weekend in June, and Airbnb is helping promote this first weekend of bookings. The option to book will open to everyone at 8:00am on Wednesday May 22, so get yourself in front of a reliable screen and start hitting reload if it sleeping in a bus sounds like your thing.

Presumably once this initial stunt is out of the way the bus'll be parked somewhere less obvious and will continue to be rented out, as renovator Suzanne Godley has clearly spent a tonne on cushions and will be wanting at least some of it back. She said: "When my boss mentioned that he was considering buying the Spice Bus I was desperate to be a part of its renovation. We’ve worked hard over the past few months to turn the bus into a home, in keeping with its legacy, and I’m so excited to open it up to the public with the support of Airbnb." [Airbnb]