Glasgow Aims for Net-Zero by 2045

By Gary Cutlack on at

Net-zero is the new ULEZ in urban planning terms, and it's what Glasgow and backer Scottish Power is hoping to achieve by 2045 – a neutral impact on the world via offsetting and replacing all polluting sources with green energies.

The main thing they're planning to help make it happen is more workplace and public charging stations for electric cars, which coupled with Scotland's abundance of renewable energy options, would take the odd million or billion or so kilos of carbon out of the air in one swoop, should everyone be persuaded to make their next car, or their next car after that, a full EV. Electric heat pumps would be utilised more to warm public spaces in the Glasgow of the future too, using Scottish Power's 100 per cent renewable energy supply.

Scottish Power's Keith Anderson gave the sort of speech you might hear from a triumphant super hero at the end of one of your little films, and said: "It is our hope that this declaration kick starts a race to zero with other ambitious cities, like Edinburgh, because then we will all be winners. The prize is the future of our country and our planet." [Scottish Power via Herald]