Greenpeace Boxes in BP's London HQ

By Gary Cutlack on at

A few of the angriest and most active of the Greenpeace activists are currently encased in shipping containers in central London like little David Blaine tribute acts, as the environmental protesters turn their fury on BP for all that potentially troubling stuff it does with oil.

The containers and their human cargo have been placed so as to block the entrances of the oil giant's London HQ on St James' Square, with five of the steel units craned in overnight and put in positions that cover the building's doorways. Presumably there are one or two little side entrances left clear in case there's a fire. BP's bad and all that, but no one's saying we should burn the staff out on a Monday morning.

What Greenpeace is saying is that the climate emergency facing the world is real and serious enough that legacy oil giants like BP should be shamed into stopping conducting their main businesses of exploring for new sources of oil ASAP, and ought to pivot with all the grace and urgency of a fully laden supertanker into working on more renewable methods of fuelling the planet. [Greenpeace]