50% off Lego BB-8 is Your Force-Filled Deal of the Day

By Tom Pritchard on at

And after a couple of years absence we return with Gizmodo UK's Deals of the Day, because everyone loves saving money on things and we like the traffic brought in by people trying to save a few quid on things they couldn't justify buying at full price. The aim is to get a list of great deals up once a day, but that will of course be reliant on the number of deals that are available at any given time. We'll try and show off one of them, at the very least.

Of course our favourite deal today is a serious 50 per cent off Lego's giant BB-8 set. This would've been nice for May 4th, but we aren't complaining that Argos knocked the £75 pricetag down to £37.50. Those are the kinds of deals you don't normally see on Lego products, even on big sales events like Black Friday or May 4th, so you better take advantage of this while you can. There's no mention on when this deal will expire, but obviously it'll only be around while stocks last. So hop to it!

Other great deals we spotted today include:

Of course those will only be available for as long as the retailers decided they can be available. Don't be upset if you dawdle for too long and someone decides to pull the plug.