Hamleys' Half Term Sale is Knocking 20% off Lego and Other Toys

By Tom Pritchard on at

We love our Lego here at Giz UK, as many regular readers will be aware, and we definitely love not having to pay full price for our sets. So We're pretty happy that Hamleys has announced the start of its half term sale, which includes 20% off our favourite Danish construction toy.

The press release promises that its 20% off all Lego, and other unspecified toy brands. The sale is also running online, so you don't have to drag yourself down to that one big shop in London or one of the smaller shops scattered around random parts of the UK.

But if you can go down to the London store, and you have kids who are off school, you can take part in a bunch of free activities to stop them moaning about being bored. The one we like the sound of is a treasure hunt on the fifth floor (aka the Lego floor) that'll involve kids running around looking for Toy Story 4 minifigures. The prize for finding them all is a poster.

There's also a Scalextric time trial, and the opportunity to meet a person dressed as Spongebob Squarepants on 1st June. Pls parades if you want to take part.

But we're mostly interested in the Lego sale, which ends on 3rd June.

Image: Rick Mason/Unsplash