Here Are the OnePlus 7's Specs, Fresh off the Leak Train

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've started hearing a lot about the OnePlus 7 Pro over the past few weeks, but we haven't heard a whole lot about the base OnePlus 7. You know the one most people will buy, if the leaked pricing is to be believed, because we assumed it wouldn't come with all the extra features that inevitably cause price hikes. Thankfully the leaks are getting really into it, and now we have the specs for both devices right next to each other.

Lot of differences between the two, though the regular OnePlus 7 isn't all that different from the OnePlus 6T. It has a slightly smaller screen than the 6T and the 6, with the same Full HD+ AMOLED display. The main camera has had a significant resolution boost as well, more than doubling the 20MP featured on the 6-series' main lens, we have a newer processor, and there's a pretty hefty battery boost (450mAh) which is always welcome. But those are the bare minimum, really. Everything else is just kind of the same.

Then again that's what all phone companies have been doing the past few years anyway. I'm just hoping 6GB of RAM is the base model, and people will still be able to get an 8GB variant if they want to pay a bit more.

Interestingly (and pretty strangely), the OnePlus 7 will have a bigger battery than the OnePlus 7 Pro. Assuming this leak is legit, and coupled with the enhanced display on the Pro, that means there's going to be a significant difference in battery life. After all the screen is where most of the power goes, and the bigger and better the screen is the more power it will consume. That's not even taking into account the extra power we may need for 5G on that variant. But hey, at least it's still bigger than the battery in the 6T. Not like those companies that just keep their batteries the same size year after year.

Fortunately we don't have o wait very long for OnePlus to verify whether these leaks are the real deal, and what their excuse is for giving the Pro a smaller battery that its little brother. The launch event is set to kick off at 2.30pm on 14th May.