Home-Charging Electric Car Daisychainers Risk Electrocution/Fire Etc.

By Gary Cutlack on at

Electric car owners are taking risks. As well as basing their hopes, dreams and personalities on an emerging transport format, they can also be guilty of potentially dangerous practises when it comes to home charging their lovely, blue-accented new vehicles.

That's the message from the extreme level worriers at Electrical Safety First, a charity that's always getting stressed about overloaded plugs and boring things like leaving the washing machine on unattended. ESF says poor EV charging infrastructure – and the fact that normal UK people live in flats without space for bespoke chargers out on the expansive and recently refurbished driveway – are resorting to daisychaining home extension leads and running them out of the nearest-to-the-car window to get their EVs up to capacity overnight. Even in the rain.

Obviously EVs take their electricity at the maximum output offered by the dangled wire, which isn't a hugely clever thing to make part of your daily routine as pushing extension cables to their limits is one of the modern world's many fire risks. ESF says 74 per cent of the EV owners it spoke to have performed an emergency home car charge with extension leads not designed for outdoor use, so unless there's room in the lounge for the BMW i3 they're guilty of taking moderate risks in order to replenish their batteries. [ESF via Guardian]