Hot New Band RSPB Rockets Up UK Singles Chart

By Gary Cutlack on at

Hitting the singles charts like a shot from a posh man's gun piercing a fat pheasant is the RSPB – yes the RSPB, as in the Royal Society for the Protection or Prevention or Something of Birds – as the charity has released a single that's entirely made of bird song. There isn't even a banging remix or some eco chanting.

The song's called Let Nature Sing, and is available on your major streaming formats. One bird is a cuckoo, we know that much, with the other two-and-a-half minutes featuring louder squawks, generic cheeping, some irritating parping thing that's probably extinct by now and a nice stereo mix of a whooping call at around the one minute mark.

An owl has just popped up near the end. That's all the bird sounds we know apart from chickens and ducks, but they're not endangered so didn't get invited to the studio. The RSPB hopes that the song – currently at number 11 on the UK midweek charts – will raise awareness of the sad plight of the many threatened and endangered species of bird currently trying to make nests out of Lidl bags and crisp packets in brownfield UK, as the track is composed of the songs of 25 birds that are particularly at risk of disappearing from our skies.

RSPB conservation director Martin Harper said: "Wildlife and our natural world can recover, it can be saved for future generations, but we need more people to talk about the issue and how much something as simple and wonderful as bird song means to each of us. Because if we do not start talking about the threats facing nature the inspiration behind so much of our music, poetry and literature may go silent." [RSPB via Pitchfork]