Huawei Gets Shafted Again as Dixons Carphone Drops Support for Its 5G Smartphones

By Shabana Arif on at

Huawei is having a bit of a time of it right now as companies start pulling its handsets from their 5G lineups. After the US blacklisted the Chinese tech giant, Google dropped support for Huawei devices. A number of UK mobile network providers followed including Vodafone and EE. And now Dixons Carphone is yanking Huawei's phones from its shelves.

"Following the news that some of our network partners have paused the sale of Huawei 5G phones, we’re not currently able to include Huawei devices as part of the line-up for our 5G pre-order," said a spokesperson for the company. “We will keep customers informed when we get any further updates.” While the phones are being ditched, both EE and Dixons Carphone Warehouse are still stocking other Huawei devices, like the 5G CPE Pro home router.

Three is also reconsidering offering the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G to its customers, reports the Telegraph."We are currently considering what all the implications are. We will evaluate what impact this has on the customer, both short and long term, and act accordingly,” said a Three spokesperson. The loss of Google's support has prompted Huawei to announce that it has been developing its own OS, although Google has confirmed that it will continue to support existing Huawei phones.

Speaking to the BBC, Chinese diplomat Chen Wen, that the UK economy could suffer as a result of these decisions. "The message is not going to be very positive," she said. "Is UK still open? Is UK still extending a welcoming arm to other Chinese investors?" [TechRadar]