Huawei Pledges to Sign a "No Spy" Agreement With the Government

By Gary Cutlack on at

Huawei's chairman has come over to the UK to do a bit of metaphorical firefighting in the wireless infrastructure world, and has come up with an amazing plan to stop Western administrations worrying that the tech firm may hand the Chinese government access to our communications: promising it won't, via an innovative "no-spy" pledge.

Chairman Liang Hua promised Huawei won't do that again and said: "We are willing to sign a no-spy agreement with the UK government. No spying, no back doors," and also explained that our understanding of the ways the Chinese government is alleged to wield influence over its businesses are incorrect, with Liang saying there's no local law that forces businesses to allow access to the government if requested.

Liang was backing up earlier comments made by Huawei's Western Europe VP Tim Watkins, who said: "Our founder, Mr Ren, has made it clear that he has never been asked to hand over any customer data or information and he has made it clear that if asked he would refuse and if it was attempted to be enforced he would shut the company down."

So can it please be allowed to put 5G modems everywhere? Thanks. [Guardian]