Ikea to Bring Vegan Meatballs to its Menu That Taste Just Like the Real Thing (Almost)

By Shabana Arif on at

Ikea is adding a second vegan-friendly meatball option to its menu that will use a plant-based protein to make the finished product look and taste like its meaty equivalent.

While the Swedish retailer already serves up vegan veggieballs in its restaurants, they're a literal mishmash of wholesome veggies rolled into balls, and are unlikely to satisfy those of you looking for a like-for-like meatball substitute. While plant-based protein may not hoodwink discerning palates, it'll get close enough to please people who don't want to opt for the meat option.

The meatless meatballs are currently in the tasting stage, and Ikea is planning on customer taste tests in early 2020. Providing there are no hiccups, the vegan meatballs could hit menus later in the year.

"We know that the Ikea meatballs are loved by the many people and for years the meatballs have been the most popular dish in our restaurants," says La Cour, managing director at Ikea Food Services, via Metro.

"We see a growing demand from our customers to have access to more sustainable food options and we want to meet that need."

He added that the goal is to make "healthier and more sustainable eating easy, desirable and affordable without compromising on taste and texture."

Last year, Ikea announced that its famous meatballs would be available for home delivery through Uber Eats, but you have to live in a very specific area in London to make the most of that magical opportunity.

All images: Uber Eats