In-Skill Purchasing Comes to Amazon's Alexa in the UK

By David Bash on at

In-skill purchasing released last year in the US, allowing developers to monetise custom-made skills, sell microtransactions and suggest products for users to buy, all through Alexa. Now, the service is headed to the UK.

In-skill purchases will give UK developers the opportunity to monetise custom-made skills. For example, purchasing in-game currency for a video game, or browsing and purchasing products through your Amazon Echo device with your voice. Think of it as an in-app mobile purchase, except in your smart speaker.

The whole thing seems pretty seamless. All purchases are made with the payment details tied to your Amazon account, and you can purchase items with a single utterance of the word: "buy". The future is here and it wants your money.

Of course, purchasing anything through a device that is always on, allows Amazon employees to listen to what you're saying, and allows those same employees to easily discover where you live seems risky. Very risky.

But hey, some people think the funny little speakers are here to stay so we all might just have to get used to it. [Engadget]