Jet2 Launches Disappointing In-Flight Nando's Experience

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Nando's brand, our national fine-dining evening equivalent to Greggs, is coming to the world of in-flight meals, with short-ish-haul flier Jet2 hoping to increase its share of holiday destination bookings by offering Nando's-branded products on flights.

The sad cabin crew will not be required to heat chicken for the duration of the flight, though, as it's a disappointing, non-meat, less stinky version of the foodstuff that's been custom built for easy use in the air. Fliers get the fairly boring choice of two options infused with – posh talk for smelling a bit like – the company's famed Peri-Peri sauces. There is, we regret to inform the poor people sitting next to the eater, a houmous option in a box that comes with pitta chips to eat it with, plus a "half-popped" corn snack that surely can't be as satisfying as just getting a massive bag of Doritos for £4.99 from WH Smith before departure.

Jet2 thinks it's going to be a winner with its demographic of young Nando's-eating EU vacationers, though, with boss Steve Heapy saying: "The addition of these two fantastic snacking options give our customers even more great choice than ever, and mean that we are the first UK airline to offer Nando's products on our In-Flight menu." [Jet2 via MEN]