KFC to Launch 'I Love You Bacon' Burger

By David Bash on at

The Colonel's latest invention is a burger with lots of bacon on it. KFC's official description of the burger reads:

"A succulent Original Recipe chicken fillet joined by two rashers of smoky, oven-cooked bacon, topped with creamy Baconnaise and cushioned on a mouth-watering bed of sweet Bacon Lovers’ Relish. Double cheese and a brioche bun complete the meaty masterpiece."

So meat on meat with a meat-based relish and meat-flavoured mayonnaise on a bun.

A bacon burger is nothing new, but that doesn't make it any less appetising. Unless of course you're a vegan, with whom KFC seem to have some kind of marketing-related beef with. Maybe someone told them that the UK will be vegan by 2030. We wonder how long it will be until we get a vegan 10-piece Bargain Bucket?

Marcus Buck, Senior Brand Manager at KFC said:

“Let’s face it, we’ve timed this burger badly. We’re launching the I Love You Bacon Burger in a year when unprecedented numbers of people are eschewing meat and embracing the aubergine. But for those bacon lovers that remain, this one’s for you. It’s so irresistibly tasty – try one before you turn vegan.”

I can't tell if this it aimed at vegan-hating bacon lovers or pre-vegans looking to get a last fix of various types of meat squished together in a bun. Probably both.

It will be available starting on bank holiday Monday 6th May for six weeks only. The burger by itself will set you back £5.39, or £6.39 for a meal. It will also be available through the Just Eat app in select locations.