Lego Stranger Things May be Coming, and That Makes No Sense

By Tom Pritchard on at

A while back some rumours started circulating that Lego was developing a range of sets based on Netflix's Stranger Things, while we ignored them for being preposterous. After all Lego has made a big deal about being a kid-friendly company, and Strangers Things is anything but. From the looks of things we were wrong, because a teaser image has hit the net suggesting Lego really is developing Stranger Things themes sets.

The image in question appeared via Lucky Bricks, a German retailer that sells Lego products, and features Duston with the Demogorgon. Orders aren't being accepted yet, and as you can see from the image below it has a 16+ rating.

It's not obvious whether this is a set on its own, or whether it's a teaser for something larger. Taken at face value it would suggest we're dealing with a polybag set or some sort of free gift, but until Lego makes some official announcements we can't be entirely sure what's going on.

Frankly I'm still sceptical, because this is completely contrary to how Lego has run things up until now. Despite the fact it has a large adult fanbase Lego has maintained that everything needs to be suitable for kids. Some themes have been pushing that boundary (James Bond, for instance), but Stranger Things would scrap that idea in its entirety. Anyone who's seen Stranger Things will know that it's definitely not for kids, despite the many adolescent main characters.

There's always the strong possibility that this is still fake (Lego-inspired toy designs are nothing new), but it kind of looks like Lego is throwing its old rule out of the window. The only question I have now is whether this will open the floodgates for more adult-oriented Lego sets. Personally I'd love to see a Lego version of the Serenity from Firefly, but due to the mature nature of the show Lego Ideas had to issue a blanket ban on those submissions. Maybe there's still hope yet.

We should find out soon anyway. Lego recently announced a mysterious midnight opening at the London Leicester Square Lego store on 15th May, and maybe that's all about this. [PromoBricks]