Lego Thunderbirds Sets Are Nearly Potentially Go

By Gary Cutlack on at

A proper generation-spanner of an idea is currently battling for recognition on the Lego Ideas portal, where Lego and Thunderbirds fan Andrew Clark is hoping his staggering recreation of Thunderbird 2 hits the 10,000 supporters level needed to get it in front of Lego's decision makers.

There's no doubt this adult/child crossover could be the Christmas toy smash of the year 20XX, should it hit its goal and the Lego people solve the licensing issues involved in monetising someone else's heavily protected product. Given Thunderbirds is enjoying one of its many revivals as a CG adventure on ITV at the moment, that shouldn't be too much of a problem. ITV will take all it can get.

The chunky Thunderbird 2 is everyone's favourite of the five machines the brave pilots use to battle the evil plans and/or natural disasters of the week, plus the creator of the potential Thunderbirds Are Go set has seen fit to include two of the most popular of T2's cargo units as well; tunnelling unit The Mole and the miniature, underwater Reliant Robin form of Thunderbird 4. Imagine this for £40, then imagine a Thunderbird 1 for £79, then imagine a £179 Tracy's Island. It would have dads needing a sit down in Lego stores even more than usual.

A recent update to the project saw the first model design slightly altered to better sit between the curved 1960s original and the chunkier, more angular ship seen in the modern CG shows, but it'd all be further tinkered with again by official Lego designers before being released, should, that is, the project hit the 10,000 supporters level and pass internal reviews. [Lego Ideas via Brickset]