Legoland Lets People Called Archie in For Free

By Gary Cutlack on at

Legoland is celebrating the arrival of a posh baby by letting those who share the chosen name of the chosen child into its nightmarish land of wasps and queues for nothing, with anyone who can prove they're called Archie allowed into Legoland Windsor for nothing from now until July 12.

The terms and conditions say the name spelling on official ID must specifically say "Archie" and therefore does not cover any Archibalds, which is surely a bit of a con, as Archie is more of a contraction of the Germanic original than a standalone name. Good luck arguing that one at the till while 10,000 flustered dads tut in the queue behind you.

Lego has done something else, and worse, than this too. It's added a baby version of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor to the Miniland scene of Windsor Castle and all its patriotic royal happiness, as if we aren't suffering from baby news toxic overload already. [Legoland]