Thames Water Wants to Take Your Shit and Make Houses out of It

By Shabana Arif on at

Thames Water is taking your dumps and turning it into breeze blocks to sell to the construction industry. Your poop will get a new lease of life as it gets used to build new factories and houses.

The sewage from the treatment works in Beckton, east London will continue to go through the usual process of being drained off and cooked up in machines that simultaneously sanitise the waste and use the subsequent heat to produce electricity, but rather than tossing out the ash that's left over, it'll be used to create bricks instead, reports the Evening Standard.

Mixing it with water, sand, a touch of cement, and carbon dioxide, Thames Water expects to produce 2.3 million breeze blocks every year from an estimated 18,000 tonnes of material.

"It’s amazing to think that what’s flushed down the toilet could light up your bathroom and now help build homes, helping to support the huge growth predicted for our region," says Nigel Watts, head of wastewater treatment at Thames Water.

"We’re always looking for alternative, more sustainable ways to dispose of waste that avoids landfill and this is fantastic news for our customers, putting downward pressure on bills, and the environment, which we work hard to protect and enhance."

The whole process is being applauded for being significantly more energy efficient than traditional methods, cutting carbon dioxide emissions that would be produced firing bricks in kilns, and replacing natural resources.