London Sushi Chain Adds Crickets to Its Spring Menu

By Shabana Arif on at

London-based sushi chain Abokado is adding a little bite to its salads, poke bowls, and hotpots with the addition of crunchy crickets to its range of 12 existing toppings.

"Abokado is all about customisation and offering our customers variety of different options to enhance their meals. We currently have around 12 unique toppings and dressings on offer, and this is an exciting addition to the range," said managing director, Kara Alderin (via The Caterer).

"Quirky maybe, but packed with flavour and protein, these little crickets are the way forward in healthy, sustainable snacking. Abokado has always prided itself on paving the way with new ideas and this is a natural step in our innovation."

Crickets have already hit UK supermarket shelves, with both Ocado and Sainsbury's stocking Eat Grub roasted crickets.

"Don’t forget that 15 years ago when Mark and Lindsay founded Abokado, sushi was still not a mainstream food in the UK. The same goes for kale, quinoa and chia… all now a firm part of our daily diets. In a few years insects will also be a normalised food in our everyday diet."

In 2015, researchers at the University of Oxford declared that eating bugs was more nutritious than eating a steak, while new York embraced the bug in a 2017 festival serving up ants, grasshoppers, and scorpions.

Crickets hopped onto the menu this week and are available throughout all 23 restaurant locations.