Looks Like a Lego Creator Lunar Lander is on the Way

By Tom Pritchard on at

Space has been a big part of Lego for decades, going back all the way to 1978. Clearly space-themed sets are still popular, what with all the Lego City space shuttles Lego keeps releasing. Now it looks as though there's another on the way: A Lego Creator set featuring a newer version the Apollo 11 lunar lander. Which makes sense given this year is the 50th anniversary of the landing.

The set in question is 10266, and we know about it thanks to an image popping up on Dutch toy site 2TTOYS (via StoneWars.de). Despite the fact it's yet to be officially announced, StoneWars managed to get confirmation from Lego, and it turns out the set is due to arrive on 1st of June, with 1,087 pieces and a €90 pricetag. I'd guess the UK price would be somewhere around £80, but don't be shocked if it's higher.

Like the 2003 10029 lunar lander set, this one is set to feature two astronaut minifigs representing Aldrin and Armstrong, and is supposed to be roughly the same size. The only difference is, apparently, that this has a baseplate featuring a bit of the Moon. Judging from the fact it has more than double the number of parts it's bound to be a lot more detailed than the old one.

So there's not long to wait, and I bet it'll look really nice alongside the Saturn V and the miniature lander that comes within. And of course here's hoping the ISS wins the ongoing Lego Ideas vote too, because they'd all look great together. Now if only I can get my hands on the old Space Shuttle Expedition...