Enjoy a Night at a Multitude of Museums This Week as Part of the Museums at Night Festival

By Shabana Arif on at

The Museums at Night festival is kicking off this week, giving punters the chance to visit their favourite museums under cover of darkness.

Taking place twice a year, museums and galleries across the country open their doors to the public, serving up tailored tours and events just for the occasion, between May 15 and May 18. The second bout is scheduled for October 31 to November 2. You'll find a mixture of ticketed and free events that will be taking place after 5pm.

You can indulge in a candlelit architectural tour of Benjamin Franklin's house, and Samuel Johnson's house is throwing open its doors to nocturnal guests as well, although it doesn't appear that any candles will be involved. Happily both will be plying you with drinks.

If you're after an experience that's tailored for the darkness of the night, then the Death Cafe and Evening Tour will be right up your street, during which you can discuss your own mortality and decorate a tombstone-shaped biscuit, before devouring it and leaving nothing to remember it by except a few errant crumbs that will be swept away in a fitting parallel to your own insignificant life.

An evening air show at Shuttleworth rounds off the week, featuring aircraft from "the early and pioneering years of aviation."

After almost a decade of these late night events, a report delving into the effect they have had on the night-time economy discovered that they've generated £9.6m in revenue, and over 72 per cent of UK residents surveyed have said that they want more of these events in their area.

You can find out more about what's on offer on the festival's official page.