NHS Remains Full Analogue in Nearly 90% of Trusts

By Gary Cutlack on at

A series of Freedom of Information requests logged with our national NHS trusts show that the health providers remain a very, very long way away from being anything like paperless in their communications methods, with just 12 per cent of trusts offering a full digital internal communications dream.

Techradar has listed all the percentages and responses in the sort of meticulous and intricate detail you are never likely to get here, with the key takeaway being that the vast majority of NHS trusts are metaphorically miles away from getting anywhere near the 2020 paperless target and have barely started the massive chest-ache of digitising patient records and enabling digital communications between the many and varied teams, departments and outside organisations that work for our wellbeing.

Of the 53 NHS trusts that responded, 37 per cent said they'd managed to digitise more than half of their patient records. That's about the most positive part of the data for NHS IT squads, as only a mere 16 of the trusts were able to provide a figure for how many entirely paper-based records they had created during Q4 of 2018 – and that stands at a whopping 1.7m. From just 16 trusts. In one quarter. Those fax machines aren't going anywhere yet. [Techradar]

Image credit: Unsplash