OnePlus 7 Pro Pricing Has Leaked, and Doesn't Look Like it'll be Cheap

By Shabana Arif on at

The OnePlus 7 series launch event is taking place tomorrow, May 14, and it seems that the once bargain basement prices associated with the brand are now a thing of the past as the lift doors close and we start climbing towards the lofty heights of the penthouse.

Everybody's favourite – and most reliable – leaker Ishan Agarwal has tweeted out the European price for the OnePlus 7 Pro which is apparently going to come in at €699/€709 (depending on the country) for the 6GB RAM, 128GB storage entry level handset. That's approximately £603/£612.

Trusted Reviews spotted the tip, and as it points out, we've seen the OnePlus phones go from affordable alternatives to big names on the high street, to entering a similar arena when it comes to price tags.

We heralded 2016's OnePlus 3 as the best cheap phone you could buy for just £309. Last year's OnePlus 6 saw a price hike with the premium version still hovering around the realm of affordability at £499.

The next handset up, with 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage will reportedly set you back €749 (£646), while the OnePlus 7 Pro, with 12GB RAM and 256GB of storage will be €819 (£707). All of those GBP prices are straight conversions, but it's doubtful that the UK pricing will be as simple as that. We'll more than likely see some extra pounds added on as it makes its UK debut.