OnePlus Promises Android Q Will Come to the 6, 6T, 5, & 5T

By Tom Pritchard on at

One of the things people generally love about OnePlus is the software. OxygenOS has more than stock Android, but unlike other companies OnePlus has managed to keep it pretty damn close to what you'd find on a Pixel device. In other words it's not like the unholy mess that is Huawei's EMUI. OnePlus has also been quite good at updating users to the latest version of Android, with the age-old OnePlus 3 and 3T recently getting the upgrade to Android Pie.

With Android Q on the way, and confirmed for the 6T and 7 Pro, some people may have wondered what that means for older devices. The good news is that OnePlus has confirmed everything newer than the OnePlus 5 will be get the update, but the bad news is that the OnePlus 3 range is being left out.

Those of you still rocking a 2016 OnePlus will no doubt be upset at this news, even though OnePlus says it only offers two years of Android updates for its devices. But you can be safe in the knowledge that you still get three years of security updates, which should last you until the end of this year at the very least. There's no timeline on when the 6T, 6, 5T, and 5 will get Android Q, but hopefully it won't be very long. The 6 series users can already install the beta, but the 5 series is a different story, so you lot will just have to be patient.

The better news is that all four phones are getting more features that debuted on the 7 Pro as well. In addition to the previously announced Zen Mode and Screen Recorder, all four will get access to the improved FNATIC gaming mode, RAM boost, quick reply in landscape mode, and DC dimming which will help reduce flickering when you adjust your screen brightness.