OS to Start Logging Lamp Posts for Potential Driverless Databases

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Ordnance Survey is branching out into logging all of our many and various forms of roadside furniture, with the idea being that knowing where every lamp post and manhole cover is may one day be a data goldmine essential to the operation of the autonomous auto fleets of the future.

The OS is to use tech from computer imaging firm Mobileye, which it'll have attached to high-mileage corporate vehicles that endlessly pound the roads, in order to create a map of roadside points of interest. All of our proud and often quirky and unintelligible road markings and signs will be logged too, so that future AIs can work out exactly what they mean and if they should attempt to turn the car right themselves or ask the human to take the wheel for a bit as it looks complicated.

Neil Ackroyd from the OS said: "The initial trials are already delivering a deeper and richer level of data capture which we are confident will bring added value to our customers and become an important dataset for emerging markets, and a building block for Britain’s infrastructure for many years." [Ordnance Survey]